The 4th Advanced Lasers and Photon Sources covers the recent progress of lasers and photon sources in the following major topical fields;

Novel optical materials/structure and applications:
Laser crystal/ceramics/glass, crystal/glass fiber, nonlinear crystal, waveguide, photonic structure, nano/micro cavity, scintillators, semiconductor (detector), and their applications, etc.
High average power lasers and applications:
Solid state lasers, fiber lasers, semiconductor lasers, pulse shaping, pulse synthesizing, beam combining, and their applications, etc.
High peak power lasers and applications:
Ultrashort-pulse lasers, high intensity lasers, high field phenomena, high harmonic generation, attosecond pulses, quantum beam generation (electrons, ions, and secondary particles such as positrons, neutrons, isotopes), and their applications, etc.
High power fiber/diode lasers and applications:
High power fiber lasers, laser diodes and their applications, etc.
High energy light sources and applications:
X-ray free electron lasers, plasma x-ray lasers, hard x-ray and gamma ray sources, UV/VUV sources and their applications, etc.
Nonlinear optics and applications:
Nonlinear optical materials, frequency conversion, optical frequency combs, THz photonics/devices/sources, Quantum optics, and their applications, etc.
Metamaterials and applications:
Microwave/RF/THz metamaterials, optical metamaterials, planar metamaterials and meta-surfaces, three-dimensional metamaterials, nonlinear metamaterials, quantum metamaterials, transformation optics, plasmonics, extraordinary transmission, chiral and bianisotropic composites, antenna, their fabrication, characterization, and applications, etc.
Optical devices and techniques for bio and medical applications:
Linear and nonlinear microscopy, imaging and tomography, clinical diagnostics, photodynamic therapy, etc.