ALPS2019 Program

IMPORTANT NOTICE: ALPS-16 and ALPS-18 sessions will be held in Room 304.
Final program is available here.
ALPS2019 program (PDF): uploaded on 7 May 2019

ALPS2019, 22-23 April

ALPS2019, 24-25 April

Alphabetic letters (A-J) indicate following topics:
A. Novel optical materials/structure and applications
B. High average power lasers and applications
C. High peak power lasers, high pulse energy lasers and applications
D. Novel solid state / fiber / diode lasers and applications
E. Short wavelength light sources and applications
F. Terahertz devices, nonlinear optics and applications
G. Novel optical devices, metamaterials, structure and applications
H. Optical devices and techniques for bio and medical applications
I. Optical frequency combs / Frequency stabilized lasers and applications
J. Joint session of ALPS, HEDS, and XOPT

P. Poster sessions of all the topics of ALPS2019
ACUIL. Special sessions co-organized with ACUIL